You can register with the Government Payment Portal (GPP) in two ways:

  • over Internet service of the GPP (

The Payer signs up first and enters his/her ID number to the ‘Sign up’ function of the Dashboard section in During the registration the Payer enters the identification code issued per organziation and interactively link the above codes to the unique registration code generated by the GPP. When the registration is completed, he/she will receive a Registration Sheet which includes the system generated unique Registration code, identification codes linked to the said code, an initial code dedicated to make payments via the Internet service.

The Payer can log in to Your Dashboard entering his/her Registration and initial codes and find out his/her debts and make payments. When he/she enters the system for the first time he/she needs to change the initial code the system generated for him/her during the sign up.

  • at any payment point of the AzerPost LLC or banks integrated to the GPP:

The Payer can register entering his/her ID number, and identification codes of the relevant utility, communications and other mass service entities, as well as codes of public authorities. He/she can present a unique Registration code he/she obtained at resgitration to banks and postal offices and receive information on his/her debts and make payments.

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