in Cash

  • Banks or post offices:

You can approach to any payment point of banks or post offices integrated to the GPP and make debt payments upon presenting your unique registration or identification codes per institution.

  • Payment terminalsı:

You can obtain debt information and make payments free and fast using payment terminals network of payment institutions integrated to the GPP.

Payment cards

  • over Internet::

You can make payments entering the Dashboard you created while registering with the GPP website.

Entering your Dashboard you can track dates of payments and notifications you received from various organizations within the time frame fixed in an administrative order (at least 1 year). Also you can receive information on notifications in real mode by services you used entering either your email address or GSM number at your discretion.

You can also make payments entering your identification code on relevant organizations without registration with the website using the Unregistred payment facility of the Payment Services section. In this case you cannot use the functional capacity of your Dashboard.

  • via ATM:

You can find out your debt and make payments through payment cards entering your unique registration or identification codes per institution to the network of ATMs serviced in card processing centers integrated to the GPP.

Bank accounts

  • E-banking

You can find out your debt and make payments through your bank accounts entering your unique registration code with your bank’s e-banking service integrated to the GPP or identification codes per institution..

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