Government Payment Portal

   Recent systematic and durable reforms of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan (CBA) to create and develop electronic payment systems have resulted in launch of the National Payment System (NPS) with the architecture built upon the state-of-art technology and software.

   The key component of the infrastructure – the Large Value Payment System (AZIPS) was launched on 16 February 2001, while the Retail Payment System (BCSS) end 2002. At the result of launching these systems it has been created necessary environment to conduct interbank settlements in real time mode, considerably increase the speed of cash circulation, simultaneously make bulk reiterated payments through electronic means, and integrate utility entities and organizations, government organizations conducting large number retail payments to the NPS infrastructure.

   One of the vital events carried out to fully utilize the capacity of the infrastructure was to develop and technologically integrate to the NPS internal information systems of utility and other mass service entities, increase the level of collection and transparency of utility payments and attract relevant circulation of finances to the banking system. The CBA researched the sector, studied the foreign experience in collecting utility fees, and analyzed the functional capacity of relevant information systems. At the result of these researches was another NPS component – the Centralized Information System on Mass Payments (CISMP), put in service on 11 July 2008.

   The system, built upon the state-of-art technology and software, allows consumers to obtain particulars on utility debts at any payment point of financial institutions integrated to the system, and make payments via any payment facility (cash, payment cards, bank transfers, Internet-banking). Mass service entities integrated to the system receive payment related information within 30 sec. In parallel, any changes in these institutions’ e-consumer base are transmitted to the central database in real-time through the high-level data exchange interface with internal information systems of member organizations.

   The CBA implemented a dedicated project and created the Government Payment Portal (GPP) as the next phase of NPS development in order to avoid off-bank cash collection of payments to the state budget, and ensure online payment of duties and other payments for services by public authorities for the sake of modern and flexible management.

   The GPP automatically generates and adds to the payment transaction the budget classification, the budget level and the budget entity codes. At the same time, requisites of relevant subordinated body of the public institution responsible for collection of budget funds are also included to payment data. It is so easy to receive payments now, the number of errors is minimized and payment transactions are automatically handled in internal information systems of the State Treasury Agency of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Taxes.

   Overall 220 type of payments on GPP integrated public institutions are made in cash at about 1500 payment points of the AzerPost LLC and 42 banks integrated to the infrastructure and in cashless form via payment cards using Internet resources ( of GPP.

   The following utility entities and public institutions are integrated to the GPP: the OJSC Azerenerji, the OJSC Bakıelektrikşəbəkə, the OJSC Azərsu, the PA Azeriqaz of the SOCAR, the OJSC Azəristiliktəchizat, the Ministries of Finance, Taxes, Economy and Industry, Emergency Cases, Internal Affairs, the State Social Protection fund, the State Customs Committee and the Central State Road Police. Meanwhile, landline phone service providers - the PA Bakı Telefon Rabitəsi and the PA Aztelekom and of mobile operators the LLC Azercell Telekom are already integrated to the portal. The next phase of the project will involve integration of internal information systems of other public authorities to the created infrastructure.

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